Insights for a New Edge

From a autonomous machine to an entire college campus, learn what it takes to achieve insights to harness IIoT and sensor investments. 

Sensor Automation Spend in 10 Years


1. Industrial Automation

2. Remote Environments

3. Cyber Security Threats

4. Hybrid Workforce

5.  Infrastructure Health and Monitoring

28% Sensor Growth thru 2030


1. Massive New Data Volume

2. 5G Sensor Data Connectivity

3. Privacy & Security Compliance

4. Smart Asset Metrics

5. Advanced Algorithms

The Right Insights for Your IIoT and Smart Assets




Any Asset

Any Data

Any Metric




inQ platform helps organizations instill visibility, trust, and compliance into the foundation of your smart space. inQ’s IIoT sensor management platform gives you the edge in deploying the most secure, compliant sensor projects so you can protect and grow your business. Our team takes the time to understand your current operations, assess regulatory requirements and implement a smart automation management solution that meets stakeholder, regulatory and user requirements. Securely scale your smart building and city automation efforts with the right partner, inQ.

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Our team of experts are ready to take your project from sensors to fully managed enterprise smart automation.