Sensors are People Too. Why Devices Need Unique Identities


By Kim Anderson and Chor-Ching Fan Inventory is the most important part of sensor maintenance, because without it, it wouldn’t be possible to carry out any other steps of the maintenance process.  It gets difficult to track the locations and statuses of individual sensors when there are thousands of them deployed, as is common [...]

Sensors are People Too. Why Devices Need Unique Identities2022-03-01T22:37:30+00:00

Privacy Policies For Sensor Data


How To Protect Private Information When Using Sensors Sensors are meant to keep people safe. However, not enough is being done to protect the extremely sensitive information that sensors collect about people, which negates efforts to ensure safety through the deployment of IoT devices and erodes consumer trust in them. Creating privacy policies for sensor [...]

Privacy Policies For Sensor Data2022-01-22T00:54:00+00:00
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