Smart Transportation

IoT and Blockchain solutions can transform freight logistics and the connected and automated vehicle industry. While blockchains were originally made for financial applications, their ability to allow members to interact in a verified way, without a trusted intermediary, means they can potentially revolutionize many other industries, such as transportation and logistics. Blockchain can reduce costs, delays, and errors associated with networking between privately controlled databases. Blockchain solutions can provide a platform to share data from infrastructure and vehicles in a secure manner using sensors and high-speed wireless technology. Transportation and safety applications using blockchain would offer security and scalability at lower costs than private networks currently can provide.

Challenges facing next generation smart roads and transportation systems include:

  • Adoption rates and economic viability

  • Sensor and communication technology standards and integration

  • State and local government collaboration with several industries

  • Disparate current standards

Smart Transportation Solution Features



Smart Sensors & Protectors Integration of sensors that reliably detect and transmit required activity from infrastructure and vehicles and that are equipped to prevent physical and digital intrusion that results in sensing interruption or corrupted monitoring
Secure 5G Broadcast Hardware, software and anti-spoofing solutions that support secure transmission of sensor data between vehicles and the blockchain
Remote Data Inspection Software apps that allow users to access and quickly synthesize information at varying levels of aggregation and data augmentation.
Real-Time Quality Analyzer Software that efficiently curates monitoring data in support of quality, performance, cost and efficiency objectives
Smart Data Manager AI, scoring, and data management software and infrastructure that helps transportation managers get the most insight from deployed sensor environments in the least amount of time
Customization & Extensibility Technical assets including software application program interfaces (APIs) and hardware interfaces to ensure that the blockchain solution is compatible with existing legacy systems and can be efficiently upgraded as sensor hardware and technologies rapidly evolve
Scoring Engine Software that supports easy and rapid adjustments to AI algorithms and data scoring values

Why inQ

Engaging with inQ for your transportation safety initiative delivers expert blockchain knowledge to ensure that your project leverages this transformative technology to full potential. inQ offers guidance and execution for transportation safety solutions for freight logistics and connected vehicles. We focus on listening to your requirements, your needs and concerns, so that we can understand your mission and deliver a solution that is thoughtful, intelligent, and scalable. Start your blockchain journey today with inQ blockchain solutions for transportation safety.

  • A holistic solution for blockchain integrating identity management, sensors, communication and AI

  • Providing a transparent and high trust environment the fosters user confidence and streamlined blockchain administration

  • A focus that spans both technology as well as the educational and change management aspects that are required for blockchain success.

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Our Commitment To You

“InQ will guide you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your blockchain initiative.  With our InQ platform,  you will gain both operational confidence and  insight for continuous improvements. Customers and citizens will be safer and happier with applications based on InQ blockchain solutions.


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