Health & Monitoring

Architecting spaces, choosing and installing sensors is just the beginning of the journey towards automation success. How will you ensure they are working properly and achieving intended results? Are you ready for audits and regulatory compliance requirements related IoT and sensor use? inQ provides visibility into your automation investments so you can effectively monitor smart automation operations and demonstrate health. Below are some of our innovative features that let organizations easily monitor and manage smart spaces, near and far.

  • Fingertip access to the health and status of each location

  • Get up and running faster with smart place templates

  • Gain confidence with real-time access to automation health

  • Achieve readiness for audits and regulatory compliance requirements

inQ Monitoring and Health Status Features



Locations Define and manage automation health by places and locations
Place Templates Place templates allow you to quickly configure new smart spaces
SmartPlace Dashboard Get fingertip access to all of the IoT devices and sensors for a specific location
Smart Watch Access to real-time heartbeat information from each sensor regardless of its location


Why inQ

inQ provides key stakeholders with confidence that their IIoT and sensors investments are delivering enhanced levels of efficiency, safety and compliance for buildings, spaces and remote places.

  • Enhanced smart automation visibility and control for greater confidence & peace of mind

  • Greater trust, transparency and compliance for smart public places, buildings and remote sites

  • Operational excellence in automation management to achieve efficiency, safety and sustainability initiatives

Our Commitment To You

“inQ guides you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your IIoT automation initiative. With our InQntrol platform, you will gain both operational confidence and insight that puts you in control of your automation investments. Staff, customers, citizens and regulators will gain peace of mind and confidence where they live, work or play.”


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