IoT and Device Identity Management

Digital sensing technology has revolutionized monitoring and detection processes in nearly every facet of our society. Sensors are increasingly used to track and manage processes ranging from transportation and safety to border security to monitoring nuclear facilities. But collecting the data is only the first step. Where does the data go? And how can you store and secure it to ensure accurate recordkeeping and reliable data analysis?

To leverage the data collected from sensors, you need a trusted system for storing, integrating, and managing sensor data. Blockchain sensor solutions deliver the powerful tools you need to do this. Sensor solutions using blockchain allow organizations to share data securely using high-speed wireless technology and offer flexible, scalable solutions at lower costs than using private networks. Sensor solutions protect data from tampering by bad actors or accidental or careless modification or deletion of data. For facility security and monitoring, sensor solutions offer intelligent and reliable protection against intrusion that is designed to withstand rugged outdoor environments, malicious attack, or unauthorized manipulation.

inQ Sensor Solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure to deliver monitoring and data collection that you can trust. Our Sensor Solutions offer the following features.

Sensor Solutions



Smart Sensors & Protectors Integrate with a variety of sensors that reliably detect and transmit activity.
Secure Data Transmission Hardware and software to support technical communication networks.
Smart Data Manager AI, scoring, high-performance data storage and preparation to deliver analytic insights from deployed sensors.
Customization & Extensibility Integrate sensors with existing IT infrastructure using software application program interfaces (APIs) and hardware interfaces; upgrade sensors as technologies evolve.
Real-Time Quality Analyzer Implement change management, strategy, and rollout to deliver quality, performance, cost and efficiency improvements.

Why inQ

Engaging with inQ for your digital identity management solution delivers expert blockchain knowledge to effectively leverage this transformative technology to full potential. After consulting with you on your blockchain goals, technical requirements, and budget considerations, we will present a thoughtful, intelligent, and scalable solution that wins with your constituents. Start your blockchain journey today with inQ blockchain solutions for digital identity management.

  • A complete solution that considers the trust and security requirements of users, the primary issuing authority as well as validation partner entities

  • We help you tackle the change management, education and adoption logistics associated with large scale digital identity roll-outs

  • inQ is always ready to partner with your in-house staff providing blockchain expertise, training and powerful integration technology

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Our Commitment To You

“InQ will guide your organization to deliver sound strategic plans for your digital identity, smart sensor and blockchain initiative.  With our InQ platform,  organizations gain customer and operational trust through world class identity blockchain technology.  Human users and IoT devices are safer and happier using InQ digital identity solutions.


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