Self-Sovereign Identity Blockchain

Digital Identify Management using self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions combined with the right implementation approach have the ability to transform the identification process for the 21st century. By storing identity data in a blockchain structure, a single-point of failure risk is reduced, as it is much more difficult for attackers to find their way into a trusted and verified blockchain.  inQ helps build and implement blockchain solutions that integrate with existing operations, plus meet regulatory standards for data privacy. Our SSI/digital identity solutions possess the critical traits required for digital asset, citizen, and homeland security initiatives:

  • Digitally-secure storage of original identity documents: birth certificates, passports, etc.
  • Self-sovereign identity document scanning kiosks
  • Real-time access to immutable records
  • Traceable and transparent identity data

The infinitely distributed nature of blockchain solutions can also build trust with citizens due to the immutability of records—citizens can have confidence that their data is correct and has not been hacked or compromised by a bad actor within a government, an enterprise or outside.

Challenges facing next generation digital identity management systems include:

  • Education and field infrastructure for national scale deployment

  • Legacy system integration

  • Uniform adoption across states and jurisdictions

  • Certificate and validation standards across government and industry players

Self-Sovereign Identity Solution Features

Feature Description
SD Move High performance data integration and transfer to our secure cloud.  Connect to any data source including IoT devices.
SD Transform Flexibility data transformation, cleansing and augmentation.
SD Analysis AI/ML-driven analysis, custom algorithms or self-service analysis.
SD Display Rich visualizations and dashboards that you can share internally, across the supply chain or with customers.

Why inQ

Engaging with inQ for your digital identity management solution delivers expert blockchain knowledge to effectively leverage this transformative technology to full potential. After consulting with you on your blockchain goals, technical requirements, and budget considerations, we will present a thoughtful, intelligent, and scalable solution that wins with your constituents. Start your blockchain journey today with inQ blockchain solutions for digital identity management.

  • A complete solution that considers the trust and security requirements of users, the primary issuing authority as well as validation partner entities

  • We help you tackle the change management, education and adoption logistics associated with large scale digital identity roll-outs

  • inQ is always ready to partner with your in-house staff providing blockchain expertise, training and powerful integration technology

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“InQ will guide you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your blockchain initiative.  With our InQ platform,  you will gain both operational confidence and  insight for continuous improvements. Customers and citizens will be safer and happier with applications based on InQ blockchain solutions.


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