IoT & Sensor Security

IoT, smart sensors and new devices are defining a new generation of products and operational processes. Deployment and on-going security of these new technologies come with many challenges. As devices and sensors assume core roles in the fabric of your operations, they become natural targets of the same cyber risks affecting people: identity theft, hacking and spoofing.  Your organization’s critical sensors and devices need protections similar to those that secure IT infrastructure and sensitive information and inQ has the right solution.

Trust and confidence in sensor information requires a trusted relationship between the device and the owner or operator.  inQ’s IoT Identity Management Platform (IIMP) establishes and maintains this trust from beginning to the end with easy registration, verification checks and lifecycle monitoring and analytics.  Using trusted blockchain technology further enhances the transparency and auditability of your IoT device identity information.   The inQ IoT Security Platform addresses the imperatives for any organization managing hundreds or thousands of sensors:

  • Cradle to grave device identity, authenticity and status
  • Device identity verification and authentication for internal users, customers and compliance assessors
  • ID generation for large scale sensor deployments
  • Efficiency, transparency and immutability through blockchain integration

Know the Identity and Health of Your Devices


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Plan Your IoT Initiative with Security in Mind 

Enhancing identity management and security for your IoT initiative requires technology that is designed to excel in the 5G age.  inQ’s platform gives you the edge in deploying the most secure and cyber-compliant digital IoT solutions to protect and grow your business. Our world class team takes the time to understand your current operations, assess regulatory requirements and implement a device identity management solution which is secure,  user- friendly and scalable.  These characteristics are key to many IoT initiatives including:

IoT Security Manager

Feature Description
Sensor/Device Identity Support for all IoT devices including sensors, equipment, machines and next generation IoT components.
ID Registration App Intuitive mobile app for device registration (low or high-volume device environments) and profile management.
Device Verification Allow internal and verified 3rd parties to verify authenticity of devices or attain device information/metrics.
Device ID Management Easy lifecycle administration and management of device identification information.
Blockchain Integration Provide greater trust, transparency and efficiency by storing identity and status across distributed blockchain ledgers.
Device ID Monitoring Stay on top of device or sensor health with real-time monitoring and health information.

Our Commitment To You

“InQ will guide you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your blockchain initiative.  With our InQ platform,  you will gain both operational confidence and  insight for continuous improvements. Customers and citizens will be safer and happier with applications based on InQ blockchain solutions.


Why inQ

Engaging with inQ for your digital identity management solution delivers expert blockchain knowledge to effectively leverage this transformative technology to full potential. After consulting with you on your blockchain goals, technical requirements, and budget considerations, we will present a thoughtful, intelligent, and scalable solution that wins with your constituents. Start your blockchain journey today with inQ blockchain solutions for digital identity management.

  • A complete solution that considers the trust and security requirements of users, the primary issuing authority as well as validation partner entities

  • We help you tackle the change management, education and adoption logistics associated with large scale digital identity roll-outs

  • inQ is always ready to partner with your in-house staff providing blockchain expertise, training and powerful integration technology

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