Know Your Sensor

Digital sensing technology has revolutionized monitoring and detection processes in nearly every facet of our society. Sensors are increasingly used to track and manage processes ranging from transportation and safety to border security to monitoring nuclear facilities. But collecting the data is only the first step. Where does the data go? And how can you store and secure it to ensure accurate recordkeeping and reliable data analysis?

To leverage the data collected from sensors, you need a trusted system for storing, integrating, and managing sensor data. Blockchain sensor solutions deliver the powerful tools you need to do this. Sensor solutions using blockchain allow organizations to share data securely using high-speed wireless technology and offer flexible, scalable solutions at lower costs than using private networks. Sensor solutions protect data from tampering by bad actors or accidental or careless modification or deletion of data. For facility security and monitoring, sensor solutions offer intelligent and reliable protection against intrusion that is designed to withstand rugged outdoor environments, malicious attack, or unauthorized manipulation.

inQ Sensor Solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure to deliver monitoring and data collection that you can trust. Our Sensor Solutions offer the following features.

Smart Dashboards

inQ’s Smart Dashboard solution is the answer to organizations that need to optimize performance with vendors and business partners by really digging into the data to find inefficiencies and their cause.

  • Integrate aata from multiple sources…inside and outside the enterprise
  • Unlimited scale to process the even the largest IoT, billing detail or mass transit transactions
  • Deliver dashboards to any device securely through the cloud
  • More

IoT Security

IoT devices and sensors hold the key to sustainability through autonomy.  inQ secures your organization’s sensors and devices so you can deploy smart solutions with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Enhance the security of IoT sensors and devices inside the enterprise and out in the field
  • Increase stakeholder, customer and regulator trust in the safety and security of IoT products and operations
  • Reduce operational costs of managing and maintaining large scale device deployments
  • More

AI/ML Compliance

From hiring to loans to investment decisions,  AI/ML assets can produce more harm than benefit if the right policies and procedures are guiding the deployment of these powerful models and algorithms.

  • Reduce the risk of AI/ML model errors and unforeseen consequences for customers
  • Satisfy management, customer and regulatory compliance and transparency requirements
  • Implement policy and procedures to reduce the risk of AI/ML-related legal and financial penalties
  • More

Iot and Sensor Security:

Achieving Automation Confidence

Harnessing IoT and sensor data for quality insights requires innovative, high performance solutions.  inQ delivers enterprise class solutions that scale efficiently to meet your most complex data scenarios.  Our team data and analytics experts build mission-critical applications for the US government, global banks and high tech start-ups. inQ’s Smart Dashboard solution delivers the rapid insights that your company needs without costly development overruns and schedule delays.