inQ Sensor Security & Maintenance

IIoT, smart sensors and new devices offer game changing advantages in operational efficiency, environment-friendliness and user safety.  As devices and sensors assume core roles in the fabric of your operational rhythm, they can become natural targets of the same cyber risks affecting IT infrastructure and consumers: identity theft, hacking and spoofing.  Your organization’s sensors and devices need protections similar to those that secure IT infrastructure and sensitive information.  inQ has the right solution to preserve the security and performance of your IIoT and sensor investments.

  • Maintenance tasking and tracking aided by 3D guidance

  • Proactive vulnerability alerts

  • Quick access to manufacturer specs, repair and maintenance information

Know the Identity and Health of Your Devices

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Security & Maintenance Features

Feature Description
Roles and Responsibilities Ownership assignment for the design, installation and maintenance of all smart automation components
Maintenance Tasking Maintain optimal performance with scheduling and tracking for sensor maintenance tasks
3D Instruction Learn, find and fix sensors with 3D image and video support
Vulnerability Alerts Get proactive alerts on weaknesses that may compromise the security of your site’s smart automation
Manufacturer & Device Catalog Fingertip access to thousands of different sensors to expedite research, repair and maintenance tasks

Why inQ

inQ provides key stakeholders with confidence that their IIoT and sensors investments are delivering enhanced levels of efficiency, safety and compliance for buildings, spaces and remote places.

  • Enhanced smart automation visibility and control for greater confidence & peace of mind

  • Greater trust, transparency and compliance for smart public places, buildings and remote sites

  • Operational excellence in automation management to achieve efficiency, safety and sustainability initiatives

Our Commitment To You

“inQ guides you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your IIoT automation initiative. With our InQntrol platform, you will gain both operational confidence and insight that puts you in control of your automation investments. Staff, customers, citizens and regulators will gain peace of mind and confidence where they live, work or play.”