Early implementations of Blockchain promised to deliver the ideal platform for the management of security artifacts but due to scalability, latency and storage limitations they largely fell short. InQ’s blockchain solutions power the best identity, wallet, and access right management solutions based on a combination of third generation blockchain architecture, IPFS decentralized storage protocols, Merkle-DAG cryptographic construct, sharding and a BitTorrent-like retrieval method to deliver the best reliability, redundancy and resilience. Built on this architecture, inQ solutions represent a rethinking of the traditional, centralized approach to security artifact management.

A single, robust blockchain pattern. The ability to store a digital artifact in any format or size and secure its ownership through a blockchain and track its provenance across multiple state and ownership changes allowing anyone with the proper credentials to cryptographically verify the ownership and authenticity of the artifact without the need for a central administrative authority…this is power of inQ. The pattern we employ has many use cases and is ideal for asset, citizen and homeland security initiatives. As illustrated below, inQ’s offerings span three key areas to satisfy all of the major requirements to build and launch your digital identity issuance, management, and verification solutions.

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