Platform Overview

Security and Compliance for Sensor Automation

In the quest to speed rollouts of sensors and devices to drive automation, cost savings and environmental sustainability goals, companies need to place priority on security, compliance and privacy requirements. Without the proper security and compliance safeguards, sensor and device implementations can result in management headaches, fines and potentially injury to staff, customers or even citizens.

  • Smart infrastructure projects that achieve environmental, sustainability and efficiency objectives
  • Modernization of power, communication and logistics networks that require cybersecurity and 5G

  • Security, health and wellness efforts for office buildings, public places and retail environments

  • Transportation hub and critical remote facility security and automation initiatives

  • Next generation smart mass transit and transportation infrastructure projects

The Confidence to Securely Scale Your Automation Initiatives

We are at the beginning of a global wave of smart infrastructure and automation projects. From office buildings, to public spaces to transportation and utility networks, organizations need a solution for securely deploying, managing and maintaining thousands of different sensors.

Complete sensor management means staying on top of user, manufacturer and regulatory requirements that go along with continuous operation of your sensors and devices.

  • The ability to issue, manage and certify the ownership and authenticity of your deployed sensors and devices

  • The ability to maintain an accurate inventory of sensors for operational management, security and maintenance

  • The ability to implement management and/or regulatory requirements for new and existing sensors and devices

Features for Enterprise and Area-Wide Sensor Management

Clear visibility between sensors and their operators is a fundamental capability that lets you instill trust and confidence in your sensor deployment. inQ’s Sensor Security Platform (ISSP) establishes and maintains this trust throughout the entire sensor and device lifecycle. From easy registration to real-time monitoring to verification checks and end-of-life procedures, inQ provides organizations with the tools required to effectively and efficiently manage next generation device and sensor projects.

Identity & Compliance

Unique Identifier System

Authenticity Certificates

Ownership Data

Compliance & Privacy Management

Visibility & Reporting

Real-time Dashboards

Multi-site, City & Campus Locations

Asset and Location Tracking

Real-time Sensor Health

Inventory & Maintenance

Sensor Registration

Manufacturer Specs

3D Location Support

Maintenance Alerts

Security & Scalability

Sensor Cloud SaaS Architecture

Device Security Alerts

Wireless Communications

Rapid Setup

Why inQ

Now is the time to instill trust and confidence technology into the foundation of your IoT and sensor automation solutions. inQ’s sensor security platform gives you the edge in deploying the most secure and compliant device and sensor projects so you can protect and grow your business. Our team takes the time to understand your current operations, assess regulatory requirements and implement a sensor security solution that meets stakeholder, regulatory and user requirements. Securely scale your smart enterprise and smart city automation efforts with the right partner, inQ.