Analytics and Insights for Automation Confidence

inQservices provides confidence for all stakeholders who depend on having the best insights for autonomous initiatives across the commercial, defense and industrial sections.

Confidence & Peace of Mind through Smart Asset Reporting and Analytics 

Trust, Transparency and Compliance for Autonomous Assets across Public Spaces, Buildings, Campuses and Critical Infrastructure

Cost Analytics and Management for Investments involving IIoT Sensor with 5G Connectivity

With a strong track record for delivering mission-critical systems, including the inQntrol Automation Management Platform, for the Fortune 1000, the US Government and global communications companies, the inQ team is focused on driving automation confidence for your smart building, campus or city initiative. With inQ, your organization achieves the economic, environmental, and security objectives expected from smart automation investments. Learn more today.

Secure, Optimize & Achieve Compliance for Smart Spaces

Harnessing IIoT and sensors for smart automation doesn’t end with installation.  Ensuring security, efficient maintenance and compliance requires innovative solutions that can scale with your initiatives. inQ delivers enterprise class software and services that solves IIoT automation challenges for your smart building, campus or city initiative.  Get our eBook and ensure the success of your IIoT sensor automation initiative.

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