Know Your Sensor

inQ’s IoT Security & Compliance Platform provides confidence for all stakeholders that rely on the security and operational integrity of sensors and devices to deliver trusted enterprise and citizen services.

  • Confidence & Peace of Mind for Mission Critical IoT Initiatives through Security Management for Devices and Sensors

  • Cybersecurity, Privacy & Fairness for Automation Initiatives through Collaborative Governance & Compliance

  • Zero-Wait Process Optimization through Massive Scale Analytics and Dashboard Insights

Achieving scale and economic efficiency through automation is a growing imperative. inQ is focused on helping you adopt automation technology with a foundation for confidence and success. IoT and smart sensors are a rapidly increasing reality for all facets of business and life.  inQ realizes the importance of addressing underlying security, governance and compliance requirements for enterprise and customer success.  Our integrated platform provides confidence in your automation initiative by enhancing the privacy, governance and cyber compliance of your IoT and sensor deployment. 

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