IoT Sensor Management Platform

IoT Sensor Management Platform

Smart Automation Confidence

Smart Automation Trust & Compliance

Smart Automation Operational Excellence

We are at the beginning of an unprecedented wave of smart infrastructure and automation projects across the globe. From office buildings, to public spaces to entire academic campuses, organizations need a solution for managing the health of their automation investments regardless of how many or IoT sensor device manufacturer.

Smart automation success requires real-time insight on whether your IoT sensor investments are achieving targeted sustainability, security or efficiency goals.  inQ’s IoT Sensor Management Platform integrates seamlessly with all of your existing sensors and devices to deliver monitoring, maintenance and compliance that you can trust.

  • Identity management to certify the authenticity of each IoT sensor device

  • Accurate inventory of sensors for operational excellence, security and maintenance

  • Continuous compliance with applicable cybersecurity and regulatory requirements

inQ Automation Security Platform
health monitoring
privacy & compliance
maintenance & security

Health Status & Monitoring

inQ’s Smart Places Dashboard is the answer to organizations that need to achieve operational excellence with automation projects.

• Insight from thousands of sensors (different types and manufacturers)…indoors or out

• Manage the automation health of a building floor, a building or a campus of buildings

• Maintain the health and compliance of your IoT sensor automation investments


Privacy & Compliance

inQ secures your organization’s IoT devices and sensors so you can achieve operational efficiency and sustainability with confidence and peace of mind.

• Enhance the security of IoT sensors and devices inside the enterprise and out in the field

• Greater customer and citizen trust in the safety and security of sensors and smart places

• Reduce operational costs of managing and maintaining large scale device deployments.


Security & Maintenance

Once deployed, your IoT sensor investments can only achieve your automation goals with the proper care and maintenance.  Mission critical operations require timely IoT sensor maintenance by skilled technicians that have easy access to manufacturer information.

• IoT sensor maintenance task scheduling and ownership assignment to ensure optimal sensor performance

• Vulnerability alerts via NVD integration along with access to manufacturer manuals and specifications

• Quick access to detailed device location and installation documentation for efficient navigation to sensors and rapid repairs


IoT and Sensor  Management:

Achieving Automation Confidence

Harnessing IoT and sensor technology for smart automation requires innovative, intelligent solutions. inQ delivers enterprise class software and implementation services that scale with your project. A team that has consistently delivered mission-critical success for the the Fortune 1000, the US Government and global communications companies is now focused on driving automation confidence in your smart building, campus or city initiative. 

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Your Trusted Partner for Enterprise Automation Management

We possess the skills, track-record and innovative approach for helping organizations succeed in their smart automation initiatives.  inQ’s approach makes all the difference when your IoT sensor investments need to deliver sustainability, compliance and trust.

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