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inQ is proud to serve government through a number of prominent contract schedules – Hubzone and to EDWOSB to provide our clients additional acquisition options. From IoT and sensor security to compliance management to smart dashboards, inQ provides a host of capabilities across industry to solve our clients’ smart automation challenges.

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DUNS #: 081223789


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

US dollars are fungible, meaning interchangeable. Certificates, Licenses and Attestations are not. Non-Fungible tokens are used to represent unique artifacts on a blockchain. Common applications include artwork, collectibles, gaming objects, real estate, Crypto Kittys, etc. Our solution represents Certificates, Attestations and Licenses as non-fungible blockchain tokens. In this form, any state change is recorded and immutable. The entire provenance of the artifact is easily accessible and verifiable by any user with the proper credentials.