Smart Dashboards

Analytics have revolutionized the ability for managers to optimize internal processes.  However, enormous gaps of knowledge and insight remain when it comes to understanding trends and issues throughout the supply chain or across thousands of smart sensors.  Waste, defects and poor performance are unacceptable in a hyper competitive world where sustainability is a must.  Where is the inefficiency?  Where can we improve? Which supplier do we need to cut?

To collect and leverage data across the supply chain and IoT sensors, you need a secure platform that makes it easy for many users to access insights.  Powerful tool meant for data scientists are not appropriate for rapid decision-making.  inQ delivers answers that help distributed teams make decisions today.  Our cloud platform lets you share insights with partners and customers so the entire supply chain is efficient and complying with your requirements.

inQ Smart Dashboards are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing websites and portals to deliver real-time insights that you can trust. Our Smart Dashboards offer the following features.

The Insight to Optimize Your Business

Harnessing IoT and sensor data for quality insights requires innovative, high performance solutions. inQ delivers enterprise class solutions that scale efficiently to meet your most complex data scenarios. Our team data and analytics experts build mission-critical applications for the US government, global banks and high tech start-ups. inQ’s Smart Dashboard solution delivers the rapid insights that your company needs without costly development overruns and schedule delays.

Smart Dashboard Features

Feature Description
SD Move High performance data integration and transfer to our secure cloud.  Connect to any data source including IoT devices.
SD Transform Flexibility data transformation, cleansing and augmentation.
SD Analysis AI/ML-driven analysis, custom algorithms or self-service analysis.
SD Display Rich visualizations and dashboards that you can share internally, across the supply chain or with customers.

Why inQ

Engaging with inQ for your digital identity management solution delivers expert blockchain knowledge to effectively leverage this transformative technology to full potential. After consulting with you on your blockchain goals, technical requirements, and budget considerations, we will present a thoughtful, intelligent, and scalable solution that wins with your constituents. Start your blockchain journey today with inQ blockchain solutions for digital identity management.

A complete solution that considers the trust and security requirements of users, the primary issuing authority as well as validation partner entities

We help you tackle the change management, education and adoption logistics associated with large scale digital identity roll-outs

inQ is always ready to partner with your in-house staff providing blockchain expertise, training and powerful integration technology


IIoT Sensor Management Solutions Guided by Principles

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Visibility & Accountability

Our Commitment To You

“inQ guides you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your IIoT automation initiative. With our InQntrol platform, you will gain both operational confidence and insight that puts you in control of your automation investments. Staff, customers, citizens and regulators will gain peace of mind and confidence where they live, work or play.”