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Companies implementing transformative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies require new tools and process to ensure targeted results are actually achieved. Governance and compliance throughout the commercialization process for these powerful assets will prevent unintended financial, legal and reputational consequences.  Research demonstrates that AI/ML models can embed human and societal biases and produce unexpected decisions that mistreat certain groups.  From hiring to loans to investment decisions,  AI/ML assets can produce more harm than benefit if the right policies and procedures are guiding the deployment of these powerful models and algorithms.

  • Reduce the risk of AI/ML model errors and unforeseen consequences for customers
  • Satisfy management, customer and regulatory compliance and transparency requirements
  • Implement policy and procedures to reduce new bias, privacy and cybersecurity risks stemming from IoT and sensor initiatives

IAI/ML Governance & Cybersecurity Compliance

Based on a new generation of  device sensors, high-speed networks and advanced software algorithms,  automation initiatives promise to deliver unprecedented efficiency and sustainability.   While the economic and environment rewards can be hight, so can the risks.  From bias in code that leads to legal risks to expanded cyber attack surfaces resulting from thousands of networked sensors,  inQ gives organizations peace of mind by ensuring their smart projects achieve the security and privacy levels expected by stakeholders, customers and regulators.   

Compliance Manager 

Feature Description
AI/ML Controls Over 1000 control requirements covering best practices for AI/ML governance, dsta privacy and cybersecurity.
Tasking & Alerts Assign risk management and compliance control activities to owners, upload evidence and track status from one central location.
Role Based Access Engage all of the key players involved in the development, operations and leadership of your automation initiative. Invite employees, vendors and advisors or assessors.
Reporting & Metrics At-a-glance dashboards show outstanding, % complete and open risks. Automatic generation of external assessment and audit documentation.
Policy & Procedures Author and manage governance and policy documents. Gain a flying start with included best practice templates.
Expert Advisory Guidance from inQ experts help you stay abreast of regulatory requirements, best practices and assist with policy and procedure development.

Why inQ

Engaging with inQ for your compliance requirements provides your organization with both expertise and modern compliance technology to achieve your transformation initiatives.  inQ takes the time to understand governance and compliance goals so we can deliver a thoughtful, intelligent, and scalable solution that wins with your stakeholders, constituents and partners.

  • A complete solution that considers the trust and security requirements of end users, regulatory bodies and management.

  • We educate our customers and help you tackle the change management and technology operations  associated with IoT and sensor automation roll-outs

  • inQ is always ready to partner with your in-house staff providing expertise, development and technology management services.

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