Smart Automation Privacy and Compliance

Academic institutions, organization and governments that implement sensor automation need to account for privacy and compliance demands from their respective constituents i.e. students, employees and citizens.  Many smart automation project launch only to quickly fizzle or get shelved due to trust and privacy concerns.  inQ puts you in a proactive position to address these critical requirements so your smart automation projects achieve real success.

  • A solution that addresses the transparency and trust aspects of sensor deployments that touch students, employees or citizens

  • Achieve compliance with the relevant regulatory standards for cybersecurity, IT security and privacy

  • Identify and track usage details to ensure the purpose and scope of use for each sensor

IIoT and Sensor Cybersecurity Compliance

inQ is designed to help you manage smart automation efforts amidst a disparate landscape filled with legacy analog sensors along with a whole new generation of connected device sensors, high-speed networks and advanced software algorithms.   With the right expertise and tools, automation initiatives can deliver unprecedented levels of efficiency and sustainability. While the economic and environmental benefits can be high, so can the risks. From bad actors on the web looking to take advantage of an expanded cyber attack surfaces composed of thousands networked sensors to legal risks,  inQ gives organizations peace of mind by ensuring their smart automation initiatives achieve the operational, safety and compliance requirements expected by stakeholders, customers and regulators.

inQ Privacy and Compliance Features

Feature Description
Purpose and Objective Ensure privacy and transparency with having clearly defined purpose, objective and usage details for each device
Location and Ownership Assign and track precise device installation, maintenance and access information for each device
Role Based Access Limit access to sensor details through assignment of users, roles and locations
Compliance Controls Achieve compliance with relevant regulatory cybersecurity and privacy controls that pertain to your industry
Reporting & Metrics Demonstrate transparency, governance and compliance with easy access to smart automation metrics

Why inQntrol

inQntrol provides key stakeholders with confidence that their IIoT and sensors investments are delivering enhanced levels of efficiency, safety and compliance for buildings, spaces and remote places.

  • Enhanced smart automation visibility and control for greater confidence & peace of mind

  • Greater trust, transparency and compliance for smart public places, buildings and remote sites

  • Operational excellence in automation management to achieve efficiency, safety and sustainability initiatives