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Blockchain technology has the potential to improve end-to-end traceability of funds disbursed by financial agencies by providing greater transparency and trust traceability. Global bank organizations are required to ensure that the proceeds of loans are used for intended purposes. However, most projects involve many participant organizations such as intermediary agencies, service and product vendors, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that handle funds before they reach the intended beneficiaries of the loans.

inQ’s Loan Disbursement Blockchain Solution provides the following features:

  • Digitally-secured original records, invoices, etc.
  • Real-time access to immutable records
  • Traceable and transparent loan disbursement data

Current solutions are not suited for operation on a true global basis and cannot provide traceability for the usage of funds and which participants are paid with the initial loan disbursements. InQ’s distributed ledger solution addresses key challenges facing organizations that disburse funds including:

  • Limited traceability of funds after loans are disbursed

  • Funds passing through separate financial management systems

  • Difficulty in obtaining records post pay-off

  • Labor intensive and time consuming transactions reconciliation

  • Addressing demands for greater transparency and access to records and documents from key stakeholders, including donors and auditors

Blockchain Disbursements Ledger Features



Traceability Assurance Secure, immutable artifacts for authorized review and audit
Multi-Party Administration Multi-level, role-based access rights management interfaces
Digital Wallets Multi-signature mobile app with certificates, key management and 3rd party authorization network
Real-Time Reporting Insights that enable you to monitor data in support of quality, performance, cost and efficiency objectives
Smart Data Manager AI, scoring, and data management software and infrastructure that helps transportation managers get the most insight from deployed sensor environments in the least amount of time
Data & Process Integration  Application program interfaces (APIs) to ensure that the blockchain solution is compatible with existing legacy systems, partner systems and disparate communication networks across the globe
Artifact Storage Content-agnostic IPFS storage for high performance, reliable record keeping

Why inQ

Engaging with inQ for your loan disbursement initiative delivers blockchain expertise to ensure that your financial tracking and auditing efforts leverage this transformative technology to full potential to deliver transparency to stakeholders and end-to-end traceability of funds. inQ offers guidance and implementation for blockchain solutions that track loan funds. We focus on listening to your requirements, your needs and concerns, so that we can understand your mission and deliver a solution that is thoughtful, intelligent, and scalable. Start your blockchain journey today with inQ blockchain solutions for financial tracking and loan disbursement.

  • A complete solution that considers the trust and security requirements of users, the primary issuing authority as well as validation partner entities

  • We help you tackle the change management, education and adoption logistics associated with large scale digital identity roll-outs

  • inQ is always ready to partner with your in-house staff providing blockchain expertise, training and powerful integration technology

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“InQ will guide you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your blockchain initiative.  With our InQ platform,  you will gain both operational confidence and  insight for continuous improvements. Customers and citizens will be safer and happier with applications based on InQ blockchain solutions.


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