By Kim Anderson and Chor-Ching Fan

Commercial building management systems that use sensors to control and monitor mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems offer many benefits to property and building managers. While these smart automation systems can track and manage a range of parameters such as open doors, motion, occupancy, temperature and humidity for peoples’ health and well-being, there is nothing “automatic” about all of this.

Deployment of sensors for commercial building management requires significant planning, installation, and maintenance work not only at the time of adoption, but as an on-going effort to ensure that the desired results are being delivered. Additionally, building managers must consider other facets of smart automation like privacy, compliance, and monitoring. When planning IIoT automation initiatives, leaders need to look beyond the short-term cost savings and reduced manual interventions for building maintenance that smart automation can provide.

Effective holistic solutions require planning for the challenges of maintaining and sustaining the targeted benefits of smart automation. While employees and citizens can take comfort in the knowledge that workplaces, entertainment venues, and other commercial buildings are becoming safer through the use of smart automation, the building managers and staff that maintain these venues face increasing workloads. inQntrol is a IIoT sensor management platform that tracks automation objectives while making life easier for property managers, building managers, and facilities maintenance staff. To help ensure that your smart automation initiative hits the mark, you need the right tools for monitoring and maintaining it. inQ has the knowledge and expertise to help you leverage the benefits of smart automation so you can realize your goals for more cost-effective and secure management of any smart place, near or far.