By Kim Anderson and Chor-Ching Fan

Organizations make the decision to implement smart automation to make their buildings or campuses more efficient and secure, or to help ensure their cell towers are functioning. Digital sensors play a key role: measuring potentially thousands of data points as they capture the state of internal and external environments, the availability of electricity and other utilities, and the safety of any space. But to ensure your smart automation objectives are being met, you need to know more than what an individual sensor may be telling you.

Just as the health of one tree cannot tell you whether a forest is thriving or threatened, you need to see both the trees and the forest to make informed decisions. Managing a building, campus or a network of cell towers requires you to have a handle on all sensors, regardless of brand, type, or location. Without a holistic view of the ecosystem of sensors deployed across buildings or campuses, you may not recognize a pattern of recurring operational or safety concerns before they grow into big problems.

inQntrol Automation Management

You need data insights and confidence in your smart automation solution. inQ’s digital sensor management platform, inQntrol, works with all your existing sensors to help you and your building staff understand whether your smart automation objectives are happening for each of your buildings, spaces, and places. We deliver smart automation solutions that provide monitoring, security, and cost-savings for commercial building management.