Digital Security Powered by Blockchain

Safeguard Identity and Records with Blockchain

inQ solutions provide customers with the ability to leverage blockchain technology to achieve massive scale for applications requiring greater transparency with immutability. Customers create new accounts, register devices or store transaction information with security and simplicity when using the inQ IoT Security Platform. Our experts teach you how to implement secure sign-on processes for privacy in your transactions with greater trust in user identity. Account creation with our proven blockchain patterns occurs with the industry’s highest level of digital integrity as it can only take place with the true owner. inQ DLT Blockchain services enable application logins without user IDs or passwords and results in a better user experience without the hassle of traditional two-factor authentication.

  • Improved security for end users
  • Upgraded ability to meet identity/privacy protection requirements

  • Reduce costly and compliance tasks

  • Enhance IoT device and sensor identification and verification processes

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Blockchain Analytics

inQ believes in the potential of blockchain technology to improve the personal pain and financial losses that result from identify theft and counterfeiting schemes. Government and business leaders across all industries need experts who can architect blockchain solutions that eliminate attacks to critical infrastructure. inQ Blockchain Verification Services (BCVS) help you address the most challenging aspects of your digital identity initiatives:

  • Identifying false identities and counterfeit goods
  • Providing a transparent and high trust environment where each person, product or service is unique and duplicates cannot exist
  • Enabling companies or governments to create their own register of people, goods or services with real-time monitoring of associated transactions

Blockchain Financial Digital Ledgers

We understand that blockchain technology alone cannot be the foundation for building a strong trust network. Further, we understand that companies will require robust, enterprise-class applications to handle authentication in supply chain and identity operations. inQ Blockchain Management Services (BCMS) are designed to help companies design blockchain solutions that protect identities from theft and reduces the risk of fraudulent activities.

Additionally, inQ BCMS empowers your developers with the confidence to create encrypted digital identities that replace traditional usernames and passwords.  Offering a comprehensive portfolio or solutions and proven patterns that exceed industry security requirements,  companies leveraging inQ BCMS for blockchain-based identity management initiatives can expect benefits such as:

  • Stronger Identity Theft Prevention

  • Elimination of Usernames and Password

  • Support for Know Your Customer (KYC) Requirements

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Compliance

Blockchain Technology & Strategy Services

From internal resistance to regulatory requirements to the challenges of building consensus with the key stakeholders of your community, building and launching a blockchain is fraught with risk and resistance.  inQ’s seasoned team guides the way and helps you establish stakeholder trust and confidence to realize your vision.   We analyze current operations, dig deep into data, and build proof-of-concepts to accelerate strategic processes so you can move on to development and implementation.  In parallel,  we assess regulatory requirements and market risks that might extend timelines or complicate adoption.  The results is true picture of benefits and risks, executive support for investment, and most importantly, faster progress towards a better solution for your customers and stakeholders.   Our core services below can be tailored to the specific needs of your situation, your industry or the specific hurdles that face your blockchain initiative.   When you engage inQ for blockchain strategy,  you get holistic advisory for your project’s technical, regulatory, and community development success.

  • Fear, risk management and objection mitigation for internal and external stakeholders

  • Business and financial impact analysis and modeling

  • Blockchain technical architecture and design

  • Blockchain operations and community management

Our Commitment To You

“InQ will guide you to ensure sound strategic assumptions and planning for your blockchain initiative.  With our InQ platform,  you will gain both operational confidence and  insight for continuous improvements. Customers and citizens will be safer and happier with applications based on InQ blockchain solutions.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

US dollars are fungible, meaning interchangeable. Certificates, Licenses and Attestations are not. Non-Fungible tokens are used to represent unique artifacts on a blockchain. Common applications include artwork, collectibles, gaming objects, real estate, Crypto Kittys, etc. Our solution represents Certificates, Attestations and Licenses as non-fungible blockchain tokens. In this form, any state change is recorded and immutable. The entire provenance of the artifact is easily accessible and verifiable by any user with the proper credentials.

Multi-Signature Wallets

The wallet acts as a key store. Using the wallet, a user can sign a transaction (i.e. approve a state change request). Additional attestation and derived credentials are stored as additional key pairs within the wallet. Our wallet will make use of highly secure Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) contained within most popular mobile phone CPUs. By taking advantage of the CPUs TEE, all transactions are processed within the trusted execution environment and are never exposed to the host or network, providing a very high level of security.

Secure IPFS Asset Storage

One of the significant challenges to implementing a blockchain based solution is the cost and latency associated with storing and retrieving data. The addition of an IPFS data layer largely solves this problem. Using the IPFS protocol it is possible to store large amounts of data and create an immutable hash of that data which is then stored within a blockchain transaction linking the data to the blockchain. The IPFS hash is all that is required to retrieve the data from IPFS. The IPFS hash effectively replaces the need for a URL. This design provides other benefits that are complementary to the data security requirements of all three TTAs.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

The decentralized applications (dApps) contain the central logic that orchestrates credential issuance and registration and enforces all security policies and state changes. Key issuance, replacement and retirement logic are also implemented in and controlled by dApps. The base functionality of the system can be recreated on any blockchain by porting the dApp to a programmable blockchain that meets your requirements. inQ dApp logic supports a wide range of functionality so you can quickly achieve a production-ready system. Subsequent releases will include tools that will enable an administrator to create or modify policies without programming or knowledge of blockchain or IPFS.